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Extended Spanish I


This 12-week course is a variation of the intensive Spanish course. Though the coursework can be, for the most part, completed independently, it also has a synchronous component. 

Online Language Learning Asynchronous Activities
  • Completing online activities in CONTRASEÑA: YOUR PASSPORT TO FOUNDATIONAL SPANISH, a digital immersive platform (required).

  • Coursework in CANVAS, a learning management system (required).

  • Assignments in FLIP, a secure platform where students interact via text, voice, or video (required).

Online Language Learning Synchronous Activities
  • Weekly 50 min. meeting with the instructor on MONDAYS at 6 pm ET, 5 pm CT, 4 pm MT, and 3 pm PT via ZOOM (required).

  • Ten 30-minute online meetings with native speakers (sign-up required).

  • Two 10-minute appointments with a classmate and the instructor for oral assessments (required).

  • Weekly office hours (optional).


Extended Spanish 1 is an excellent option for you if you have little or no previous exposure to Spanish, have a busy schedule, and have the desire to expand your horizons by learning a new language. Please contact us if you are unsure ithis course is right for



Contact us 

Thank youi for sumitting!

Anchor 1

In this course, you will focus on learning and demonstrating an understanding of, 

  •  greetings and introductions, in person and on social media,

  • asking and answering questions to initiate and end basic conversations about you and student life,

  • sharing information about weekly schedules and daily activities,

  • expressing likes and dislikes verbally and via text about school life.

You will also explore, discuss, and contrast the use of

  • social media

  • formal and informal language

  • daily routines

  • and student life in the Spanish-speaking world.

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