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Intensive Spanish I


This 15-week, fast-paced course is demanding and requires an autonomous student who consistently works each week. Though the coursework can be, for the most part, completed independently, it also has a synchronous component. 

Asynchronous Activties
  • Completing online activities in CONTRASEÑA: YOUR PASSPORT TO FOUNDATIONAL SPANISH, a digital immersive platform (required).

  • Coursework in CANVAS, a learning management system (required).

  • Assignments in FLIP, a secure platform where students interact via text, voice, or video (required).

Synchronous Activities
  • Weekly 50 min. meeting with the instructor on Mondays at 8 pm ET, 7 pm CT, 6 pm MT, and 5 pm PT via ZOOM (required).

  • Ten 30-minute online meetings with native speakers (sign-up required).

  • Two 10-minute appointments with a classmate and the instructor for oral assessments (required).

  • Weekly office hours (optional).


This course is perfect for you if you are a highly motivated teen with no previous or little experience with Spanish. It is also a good fit for someone who took high school Spanish and doesn't feel they retain much. Please get in touch with us if you are unsure if this is the right course for you.  



Contact us 

Thank youi for sumitting!

Anchor 1

In this course, you will focus on developing and demonstrating an understanding of, 

  •  greetings and introductions, in person and on social media,

  • asking and answering questions to initiate and end basic conversations about you and student life,

  • sharing information about weekly schedules and daily activities,

  • expressing likes and dislikes verbally and via text about school life.

  • describing what admired people think and do and learning how to use formulaic expressions in formal emails.

  • talking about family members and their appearance and habits,

  • sports, and other pastimes popular among the youth. You will also talk about emotions and emotional states related to sports., and how to encourage someone to do something.

  • expressing ideas related to staying healthy and how to make recommendations.

  • You will also explore, discuss, and contrast the use of social media use, formal and informal language, daily routines, student life, some worth admiring figures, how LGBT rights are evolving in the Hispanic world, sports concerning gender inequality, and what makes people feel happy and enjoy well-being in the Spanish-speaking world.

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